Reviva Pharmaceuticals Inc (Reviva), founded in 2006, is a fast growing clinical stage pharmaceutical company based in Santa clara, California. Reviva is engaged in developing a portfolio of internally discovered safe and effective innovative therapies using chemical genomic driven approaches and proprietary chemistries. The company is currently focused on developing therapies for central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular (CV), metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

Speed without sacrificing quality is one of the hallmarks of Reviva's product development model. Reviva's approach for new chemical entities allows a faster discovery with high success rate and this extends a drug's effective patent life by bringing a compound to market much sooner than can normally be achieved.

Reviva has assembled a knowledgeable executive research and development team that has substantial experience at big pharmaceutical companies as well as a successful record of taking several drugs through the development process and to FDA market approval.

      3900 Freedom Circle, Suite 101,
      Santa Clara, CA 95054.

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